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This is a pint size wheel designed with the young spinner in mind - but adults who are young-at-heart will enjoy spinning on it too! This wheel is incredibly versatile and easy to take with you to get-togethers, spin-ins, and makes an amazing teaching wheel for your children. Please note...
Due to a recent error with this listing showing the incorrect amount, please be sure to only purchase this listing if it shows the correct price of $799. If you see any amount other than that, please email us. We're currently investigating the cause of the price discrepancy for certain...
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This listing is for the SpinOlution Pollywog 12oz upgrade. Please only purchase this is you already have a Pollywog, or if you are combining it with a Pollywog order (you can order the actual wheel separately here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/253666255/ $409 is for the 12oz upgrade ONLY - it does not include...
Introducing the all new, "Worker Bee"! This is a folding travel wheel that fits our 16 oz bobbins. Includes an attached lazy kate, and 3 bobbins. These wheels also come with the new "golden whorls", which make lace weight spinning an absolute breeze (as well as still being wonderful for...
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The skein winder can wind 1 & 2 yard skeins. It can be mounted onto the MACH III, Echo, Firefly, Hopper, and King Bee. It cannot be attached to a 4 oz setup (Echo or Queen Bee). The skein winder can be installed on 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32...
Now called the Monarch, formerly known as the Mach.  This is the world's best art yarn wheel. It is smooth, quiet and ergonomic for pain-free production studio spinning. With five comprehensive ratios and three upgrade sizes to choose from - you can spin any weight of yarn from lace to bulky. Since...
The Hopper is our original travel wheel and is unlike any other wheel on the market. This unique travel wheel has state of the art SpinOlution engineering for a smooth spinning experience. You can treadle with your heels on the foot pads or attach foot pedals for a more traditional...
The Firefly is an electric spinning wheel. This wheel is the equivalent to an electric MACH III. SpinOlution combines state of the art engineering and design with the power of electricity to create this dynamic, multi-purpose spinning wheel. Please note that coupons and sales do not apply to our Spinolution...
Prices up to date as of March 1, 2017: The Echo has state of the art engineering in a lightweight, affordable studio wheel design. If you are learning to spin, have a shop, or teach spinning - this is a perfect wheel for your collection. Simple enough for the novice...
The Bee is a foldable travel wheel. Spin any weight of yarn from fine to bulky on nine comprehensive ratios. The built in lazy kate holds 3 bobbins. You can use the dropdown menu to select the package that's best for you, with its corresponding price. **Please note that coupons...


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