Angelina sparkle fiber:

This listing is for 1/2 oz.

Colorway: Ultraviolet -- purple with base tones of grey
Staple length: 4" approximately
Heat fusible
15 denier

This fiber is absolutely amazing for adding sparkle to your project! Use it in spinning to create an unforgettable yarn, or add it to felting for a similar gorgeous look. This fiber can also be used in silk fusion, papermaking, and pretty much any craft project that you can dream up. This fiber is a lot like glitter, only longer in staple length.


Heat Fusible vs. non-heat fusible: If the angelina fiber is heat fusible, it can be bonded together by ironing it gently with a cloth or piece of paper covering it. This will create a solid sheet of fiber where the heat bonds it into place, which can be washed, sewn, and handled just like cloth.

If it is non-heat fusible, heat will have no effect on it at low temperatures.

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