Fiber Beans™ are mini rolags (another way to think of them is tiny art batts that have been rolled up to fit perfectly in your hand) for spinning or felting.

Sold in 1oz quantities.

These fiber beans are made in the Bird Nest colorway (hand painted by me personally), featuring next-to-skin-soft superwash and non superwash merino wool, cultivated silk, and sparkling gold stellina fiber.

Spin these into an amazing yarn, or pull on them gently with hot water and soap and felt them into unique and funky dreads.

The yarn shown is an example of what you can spin with these, but is sold separately.


I love spinning rolags, but sometimes it can get frustrating when they start to fall apart in my hands. To solve this problem, I created custom sized mini-rolags which I call "Fiber Beans™". These little bits of fiber are the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand while you spin, making longdraw (or even short draw) spinning incredibly easy and natural. There are usually about 4 fiber beans in one ounce (depending on fiber content), and they are around 3 inches long on average.

So why not just buy our combed top instead? It's simple.
Traditionally, there are two main types of spinning yarn: Worsted and Woolen. Worsted spinning involves spinning combed top, where all of the fibers are going in the same direction for a smooth, compact yarn. Woolen spinning is much loftier, where you get more air trapped in the yarn due to the different directions of the fiber, and it creates a fluffier, softer yarn. Rolags, or in this case, Fiber Beans™, are the perfect way to spin in this woolen style, which does require more prep than traditional combed top. It also allows us to add ad-ins which would be difficult to get with traditional combed top without a bunch of fancy machinery -- things like sparkle and silk.

Message me for a shipping quote if you're outside of the US. We're happy to ship all over the world but don't want to over charge you. We are happy to refund shipping overages as well.

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