My favorite fairy tale of all time is Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Eyvind Earle's artwork in that film was nothing short of enchanting, and his frequent use of blue/purple and green together inspired me to want to become an artist myself one day. This fiber embraces the beauty of his work and the sheer magic of the fairy tale. Milk fiber is one of my absolute favorite types of fiber to dye because the colors are incredibly vibrant and beautiful.

ATTENTION: This colorway is treated with a dye fixative and rinsed thoroughly. Slight bleeding is still possible and is totally normal (the color should not lighten even if excess dye washes out). We recommend that you wash it by hand in cold water.


Interesting things to know about Milk Fiber:

Milk fiber (casein) is environmentally friendly, demonstrates superior strength and has many of the same properties of wool. It truly redefines the traditional definition of an animal protein fiber. It has a beautiful luster and feel similar to that of silk.

Antimicrobial Properties: A unique spinning solvent utilizing zinc ions is used in the spinning solvent when the fibers are produced. After drying and treatment this solvent produces zinc oxide, giving the fibers an inherent bacteriostatic property.

It also has good moisture absorption and conduction
Takes dye beautifully; is comfortable, white, fluffy and springy; has a pH of 6.8 (same as the human skin; and can be blended with virtually any fiber or spun on its own.

This hand painted roving is approximately 4 oz

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for looking.

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