Please us the dropdown menu to select your quantity. This colorway looks best in at least 4oz quantities.
Each braid is hand painted by me, and goes from a deep dark brown to a caramel and a light milky color. It is made to order and each braid is a tiny bit different, though very similar to the photo. I can also do custom colors if you want!


This is a truly revolutionary fiber that will actually improve your skin as you use it. Pearl Infused Rose Fiber is made from all natural, recycled, and eco-friendly rose bushes (similar in feel to viscose bamboo).

It is then protein enriched with nano-pearl powder during the hardening stage, for a glossy luster and incredibly breathable material that is naturally antibacterial. The nutrients and trace elements are permanently infused into the fiber,so it will not wash out even after many repeated washes. You can touch the fiber and then rub your fingers together to feel the moisturizing effect from the pearls. This fiber also feels cool to the touch.

It is produced without any chemical additives. It is a completely all natural, environmental friendly and biodegradable product, just like wool, alpaca, and other all natural fibers. It takes fiber reactive cellulose dyes just like other plant based fibers.

Other features:
*Far Infrared Emission
*Ultra-Violet Protection Function
*Negative Oxygen Ion Emission Function (creates an incredibly breathable fiber)
*Excellent Moisture Absorption
*Naturally antibacterial
*Looks and feels a lot like silk -- only shinier!

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