How fun is this?!
This fiber really glows in the dark! This is a loose staple fiber of 1.5 denier (about 4 microns, so much softer than our last batch). This fiber is, on average, 1.5" long, so should either be spun by an advanced spinner, or blended with another fiber to make it easier to spin. It works very nicely in art batts!


Sold in 1oz quantities.


You can use this fiber on its own or mix it with other fibers for a funky, unique yarn! You can even use this in felting projects if you lock it in with wool. Going to a party? Sport something that glows! Do you like to go for walks in the evening? Make a vest out of this fiber to make sure you're visible to cars. You can even use this in core-spinning rug yarn to make a visible pathway in the dark!!

This fiber is non-radioactive, toxic-free, non-flammable and harmless, containing no phosphorus or lead, or any other hazardous element or chemical, and can be recharged an infinite number of times.

Photoluminescence is a special kind of luminescence, which can absorb light energy then release the energy in light. Phosphorescent materials absorb and store light, then emit visible light slowly over time. There are many glow-in-the-dark products containing phosphorescent materials in the market nowadays, from mobile phone covers to toys. If you have ever seen any of these products, you know that they all have to be "charged", just like a battery. You hold them up to a visible or UV light for a few minutes, and then take them to a dark place where they glow for several hours.

Sunlight, lamp light, and pretty much all visible light will work to charge this fiber. It is safe to use under water and will not lose its glow when wet.

It works like so: Photons boost the electrons to jump into a higher level of energy orbit. The energy is then released in the form of light as the electron returns to its ground level. Science is cool!


Contact me for a custom quote if you are outside of the USA. We are happy to ship all over the world and do not want to over-charge you. Any shipping over-charges will be refunded upon shipment.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for looking.

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