This banana "silk" fiber is unlike any other on the market. It is custom made with the spinner in mind, and hand harvested and processed in an eco friendly way. It is significantly softer than any other banana fiber out there! Perfect for spinning into a textured yarn, adding to batts, felting with, paper making, silk fusion, and more!

Sold in 1oz quantities (approximately 28 grams). 


Yes, this fiber is made from banana trees! This beautiful fiber comes from a renewable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly source. It is unbelievably soft and has a shine that you must see to truly appreciate!
This is 100% banana fiber, pulled into the tiniest of threads in a manner similar to sari silk. Have I mentioned how shiny and soft it is?
I hand dye each batch personally as it is ordered.



Read on to find out how banana silk is made.

When bananas are harvested the plant is cut back, and the fibers are found in the discarded stems. Fibers are also taken from the decaying outer layers of banana trees so that the inner bark is not harmed. These fibers are then soaked, boiled, and sun-dried. Once dry, the fiber is cleaned, combed, and made ready for spinning. The result is the most wonderful, silky fiber I have ever felt - the fiber shines like wet glass, is even more lustrous than silk, and is incredibly soft and strong.

Banana silk fiber looks very similar to sari silk (but with a much shinier appearance), and spins up to have a wonderful fuzzy effect from the various strands of fiber. Unlike sari silk, however, banana silk fiber is about 10 times softer, making a truly skin-soft fiber that you will want to snuggle into.

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