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Sold in 100 gram (3.5 ounce) quantities: This is a custom blend of the most wonderful baby alpaca mixed with cultivated silk (50/50). If you want luxury, it's right here. This is an amazing blend to over-dye (but it also is beautiful undyed). When you dye it, the black alpaca...
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This listing is for 1lb of Viscose Bamboo fiber. Unlike Bast bamboo, which is similar in feel to hemp, viscose bamboo is much closer to milk fiber or silk in terms of sheen and softness. The advantage of bamboo is that it's not only eco-friendly, but it's also more affordable...
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This is an wonderful blend of 75% BFL (blue face leicester) and 25% Silk. This blend is so incredibly soft and wonderful, with the sheen of silk and the staple length and strength of BFL. Use in spinning, felting, paper making, and more! Takes dye brilliantly. Sold in 8oz quantities....
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This fiber is absolutely wonderful. It is 19 microns and is a pure white. Nylon is probably the best blending fiber out there, especially if you want to add some strength and some stretch to yarn like sock yarn. This listing is for 8oz. Snow Mountain Nylon also is known...
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This listing is for a really fun, wonderful fiber made out of soy. This fiber has approximately a 4 inch staple, is easy to spin, and is similar to other cellulose fibers, such as bamboo - except that it is protein based and takes dye like wool does. Sold in...
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Please use the dropdown menu to select your quantity. Starbright is a wonderful fiber which is somewhere in between Firestar and Snow Mountain nylon. It is approximately 19 microns and is super fine. It has a slight sparkle to it, but less obvious than firestar. It takes dye exceptionally well,...
This listing is for wonderfully soft, (less than 18 micron) camel down fiber. It has been dehaired and is in loose form for easy spinning/mixing. Sold in 1oz quantities. Holding both this and qiviut (musk ox) in my hand at the same time, they feel surprisingly and remarkably similar. They...
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This listing is for BFL (Blue Face Leicester) undyed wool top. Sold in 8oz quantities.  Blue Faced Leicester - British luster longwool. 25-27 microns, staple length 4 ¼ inches, 110 mm. The fiber feels finer than the micron count would suggest. The luster promotes intense dye results and this is...
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A wonderfully soft, 21.5 micron wool, Merino is terrific for any next-to-skin garment. It takes dye beautifully and can be spun anywhere from thick and lofty to extremely fine. **Please contact us if you'd like a custom listing for a different amount than the 1lb listed here.** Superwash fiber is...
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Please use the dropdown menu to select your quantity, which will also show you the pricing. This fiber is absolutely gorgeous!! We love it because it looks like the fiber is made out of pure silver. It also feels like heaven and is right up there with qiviut in terms of...
This wool is strong, coarse, lofty, and has a long staple so it's fabulous for all skill levels. This is processed as combed top, and is often said to be the finest of the long wool breeds. It spins and felts well.. in fact, felting teachers prefer it for those...
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This listing is for the beautiful, white Tussah silk. Please use the dropdown menu to select your quantity and price. Tussah is often called "Peace Silk" because it's a more natural style fiber than cultivated silk, as the worms are not harmed in the collecting of their cocoons. Tussah works...
Scold in 1oz quantities. Suri alpaca is extremely lustrous and soft, with an incredible drape similar to mohair and silk. It averages at 26 microns, but tends to feel softer than lower micron wool. Average staple length us between 3 and 4 inches.  This fiber is sold undyed, but we...
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