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We are happy to custom dye this fiber in any color of your choice for an additional charge (we also will have separate listings for dyed mint fiber in the near future).

We are so excited to be offering this fiber, made with real peppermint extract infused into it! This fiber is a very light golden beige color, and can be dyed in the same way that all other cellulose fibers are dyed. It takes color beautifully. It is 2 denier, which is equivalent to about 4.6 microns in thickness. In other words, it is incredibly soft on the skin.

** Read on to learn more about how it is made. **

The manufacturers of our Rose Pearl Fiber have introduced a new eco-freindly product which is made in the same way -- mint-infused fiber. This fiber is made from organically grown cotton in a closed-loop process similar to the processing of Tencel (considered one of the most eco friendly fibers in the world). Closed-loop systems recycle the solvents used in their production, using it over and over so that the waste does not go back out into the environment. The cotton used produces the best quality of fiber with the least amount of waste possible, and is made using non-toxic chemicals and solvents during processing. The cotton is dissolved into a pulp similar to the way paper is made, then while the individual fibers are wet, high-tech nanotechnology is used to infuse the fibers with nano-grade menthone powders, which are extracted from natural peppermint plants. By dissolving the cotton in this way, it can be custom cut after it dries to a longer length than you would typically see with cotton fibers - allowing a spinner to spin it by hand much easier than they could with regular cotton.

The result is an incredibly revolutionary fiber that will feel cool to the touch on your skin. More importantly, the natural mint extract in the fiber (about 8%) has natural antibacterial properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria by 99%.

As with all cellulose fibers, this mint fiber will have incredible drape, but will need to be blended with another fiber if you want it to keep its shape well. This is because the fibers are as fine as silk, and lack the natural crimp that is present in wool, which keeps garments from losing their shape. You can use this fiber by itself for drapey projects such as shawls, blankets, etc... but we highly recommend blending with a wool if you want to make something like socks or sweaters. Blending this fiber with wool gives it shine and brings out the beauty of both fibers.

This fiber can be used in wet felting if it is sandwiched in between a thin layer of wool, or can be used on its own in needle felting projects. It does not retain the smell of mint.

This fiber is considered vegan.

Care instructions: Hand wash in cool to cold water, lay flat to dry. Keep out of direct sunlight for excessive periods of time.

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